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Upcoming Events

Big D Developmental Open:

2020 Date TBD

Lock and Load:

May 4-5 @ All Day …Details


Oct 12-13 @ All Day …Details

Training Camp:

Nov TBD @ All Day …Details Soon

Other Events

USAW Junior Nationals:

2020 TBD

USAW Uni/U25 Nationals:

2020 TBD

Masters Nationals:

2020 TBD

USAW Nationals:

2020 TBD

USAW Youth Nationals:

2020 TBD

USAW American Open:

Dec 5-8 @ TBD Watch Here

About Cattle And Kilos

Cattle and Kilos was created by Coach Bobby Sirkis and Coach Melissa Knourek as a way to help organize the 2 weightlifting meets Spoon Barbell Club regularly hosts at The Barn in Van Alstyne.  Since then we have added a Youth and Junior only Developmental meet and a training camp to help spread knowledge and experience to other athletes and lifters across DFW.  

Our goal is to be a resource to help others enjoy weightlifting regardless if you are doing it just for fun or to be competitive or if you train with us or with someone else.  Hosting these events is the best and most effcient way for us to give something back to the weightlifting community.




Interested In Training With US?

We know this is a journey.  We would love to have an opportunity to help you plan and achieve your goals whether you want to be a competitive weightlifter,  something to keep you healthy and active, supplement another sport and anything in between!

Club Programs

Youth Devlopment Program

When developing a youth athlete, most people would suggest that technique is the most important item.  While not wrong, it is just part of the key.  Developing youth athletes, specifically the preteen age group, takes one key ingredient:  Self-Confidence.  Our Youth Development Program’s sole focus is building Self-Confidence.  

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Competitive Weightlifting

Whether you compete locally, nationally, or internationally our team atmosphere is fun and encouraging.  We will help develop a plan for both short term and long term success.  

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Sports Performance

If you are an athlete in an explosive sport then training the weightlifting movements will have a tremendous benefit to you.  The power output generated in the snatch and the clean and jerk is far greater than most other strength training exercises.  

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General Fitness

Weightlifting training is one of the best ways to create a healthier you.  Creating a healthier body mass and increase bone density are among the many reasons to implement weightlifting training in your fitness routine.

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